Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Ratings (Feb. 20th 2012)

I think this is my favorite part about dinner. After everyone is finished I pass out paper and pens and have everyone critique me. It's a little nerve racking I'll admit, but its feedback, often the most honest and straightforward kind. :) 

DAD: Meatloaf- 7.5. Mashed Potatoes-8. Salad-10. "One word . . . . GRAVY!!! Overall dinner was very good, but it could have been great." Rate: 8.5

MOM: "Dessert would have made it a 10 if there was dessert! I know you are going to be a GREAT wife!" Rate: 9

SAVANNAH: "Um... Potatoes good, but gluey. Meatloaf, dry but good flavor. The salad was good also. Rate: 6

CALVIN: "The potatoes were good. I only got one piece of cheese in my salad. (totally his fault by the way) The meatloaf was ok, it could have used some gravy." Rate: 7.5

SARINA: "Potatoes-10. Meatloaf-6.5. The salad-5" Rate: 7.2
SADIE: "The Potatoes were ok and the meatloaf was good and the salad was good. But if you had dessert it would have been a 9.5." Rate: 8.5

SOPHIA: " The potatoes were really good. The meatloaf was really good. The salad was good." Rate: 10

Their overall combined rating is a 7.24

Personally I believe this meal went over ok. Sure i should have added a little more water to the meatloaf, (it was a little dry) but it wasn't completely hard and inedible! :) The potatoes needed a little more milk, and the salad was delish! This meal wasn't very hard to make and was pretty quick to prepare.

Vendela <3

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